Koa‘e ‘Ula Pareo

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The koa‘e ‘ula or red-tailed tropical bird is a showy, white seabird, well-known for its dramatic courtship rituals. Koa‘e ‘ula breed in colonies and couples remain together for years. At the beginning of the breeding season, pairs engage in complex aerial displays and calls. Several birds will fly backwards in circles, vocalizing their presence to their other-half.


100% cotton - 65"x42"


Designed in collaboration with Malia Heimuli, a fine artist based in Koʻolaupoko, Oʻahu. Inspired by her experiences in mālama ʻāina, her artwork focuses on showcasing native species, wahi pana, and their importance in Hawaiʻi. Through various types of fine art mediums, especially line drawings and block printing, her art shares her love of native plants and animals.


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