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We dreamt up the concept of Aloha Modern over pau hana drinks wanting to tell the deep relevant stories of Hawaiʻi in fun ways. The ocean remains a place of refuge for us so it just made sense to create this ocean lifestyle company. As island people the ocean is what connects us with the rest of the world, our vision is to share a little bit of Hawaiʻi with every design.

Aloha Modern is not just a brand; it’s a celebration of the rich history, diverse traditions, and timeless wisdom that make Hawai‘i unique. Through our products, we aim to inspire a sense of aloha, fostering a global community that appreciates and honors the beauty of cultural diversity. Our mission is to share the essence of aloha through thoughtfully crafted products that seamlessly blend tradition with modernity. With a commitment to sustainability and respect for the cultural heritage of Hawai‘i, Aloha Modern is dedicated to creating authentic connections and lasting impressions.

With decades of dedicated professional experience, Malia Ka’auihue, PhD has become a respected figure in operations, business development, cultural planning, and strategic development. Her journey began with a profound interest in the rich cultural heritage of Hawai‘i, where she delved into the mo‘olelo, or storytelling traditions, that form the heart and soul of many spaces throughout the islands.

Reyn Mukawa, graphic designer and architect based in Honolulu, found his passion for culturally focused design. With a deep understanding of the significance of architectural storytelling, he joined WCIT, a design firm renowned for its commitment to cultural sensitivity in architectural projects.

Malia and Reyn crossed paths while working on various cultural projects that demanded a blend of tradition and innovation. Recognizing a shared passion for preserving and sharing the stories of Hawai‘i, they envisioned a venture that could transcend the boundaries of traditional preservation efforts. In their collaboration, Aloha Modern was born—a Hawaiian lifestyle company that serves as a testament to their shared values. Grounded in Malia’s extensive experience in cultural planning and Reyn’s design and production expertise, Aloha Modern became a platform for thoughtfully crafted products that bridge the gap between tradition and modernity. The products, meticulously curated and designed, reflect the duo’s dedication to ensuring that the mo‘olelo remains a living, breathing part of Hawaiian identity.

It's A Hawai'i Thing

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