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Beers + Sunsets

The lifestyle company Aloha Modern was conceived over cold beers and Mākaha sunsets by co-founders Malia Ka‘aihue and Reyn Mukawa. What started as a passion project between two friends has become a full-fledged business, sharing their passion for the ocean, storytelling and design.

More Stories to Tell

Aloha Modern began as a creative project for Kaʻaihue and Mukawa to dive into after their day jobs. However, the ethos of their daytime work—to develop and foster authentic Hawaiʻi stories—pulses through the heart of their shared business. Kaʻaihue is President of DTL, a strategy, design, and communication studio grounded in Hawaiian Culture. The architecture firm, where Mukawa works, specializes in environmentally and culturally appropriate designs that add value to the community.

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Live The Legacy

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Living808 + MIH

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It's A Hawai'i Thing

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Urban Honolulu

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